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We have a creative marketing consultant who can help in areas when you need something different

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Promotional products are considered by many experts to be the most cost-effective form of advertising.

An impression is an impact made each time a consumer sees your message on a promo product.

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We specialize in embroidery, screen printing and promotional products. Not only do we have custom prints and embroidered items all over the United States, we have even shipped products as far as Germany! To say we go the extra mile, is quite the understatement. Come find out what we can do for you! Personalization is our specialty, and with our creative marketing consultant, we can definitely help you with one off items!  Some of the items include blankets, towels, christmas stockings, car seat covers, child car seat covers, baby blankets, and bags. We can get a lot of different brands of clothing such as Under Armor, North Face, Bella + Canvas, Carhartt, Nike, Ogio, and New Era to name a few.  Let us know what you are wanting and we are usually able to accommodate you. Taking care of our clients is what we like to do best!

We embroider a lot of hats, mesh hats, winter hats; all kinds of knit hats such as beanies and cuffed knit hats. We have bucket hats, camouflage hats, flat bills, and athletic hats. We offer hats for all seasons and styles. We can special order hats with your logo if you want something along the bill, or above the ear, we can create your custom hat. Your custom hat will personally reflect your business in a unique way by standing out from the rest. The more you buy at one time, the more money you can save. We offer discounts on large quantity orders. Hats are one of the least expensive items to promote your business.  You can order one to 1,000 and we will take care of the rest. 

 If we can put it in a hoop, we can embroider it!  We can even personalize items for branding your own image, or promoting your personal business. Knowing that you have the availability of our creative marketing consultant to guide you through the process, you can rest assured that not only will things be completed on time, but they will also be of the highest quality and workmanship. We can even help you create a logo for your branding, help with color coordinations, and recommendations to make your brand stand out from the rest. We absolutely love helping companies create something new and interesting for their businesses. Make people think of your company more and let’s get some fresh ideas out into the world. 

Don’t forget about silk-screening your shirts, hats, and jackets too! Silk-screening is a stencil method that uses ink and a mesh to transfer a design onto fabrics. This style of branding is best for bold and graphic layouts. Silk-screening has been around for centuries so you can be guaranteed it is going to be done proper for you. There are a variety of ink combinations available for your own custom design that fits your company. We work with small designs to extra-large table cloths. There really is no excuse for you not to be promoting your epic business with all these wonderful promotional ideas. C’mon guys, this can be so fun.

Oh, and if you are not satisfied with any of these ideas so far, let us think about signs and banners for your business as well. Who doesn’t love an inspiring image on a wall? I know we do. Signs and banners can really grab someone’s attention without them even realizing it. We are capable of creating any size and design to suit your fancy. Banners can be put up anywhere and transferred easily. We offer signs for indoors and outdoors. You can be assured your outdoor sign will with-stand all weather conditions. Are you not vibing with the sign idea yet? Maybe you want to wrap your van with your logo, let’s go all out and not let anyone forget about your awesome business. 

Promotional products are another great way to promote your business.  Some ideas of the ones we offer are ink pens, mugs, hand sanitizers, and even jar openers.  There are a lot of options available. It can become mind-boggling and we love to help with keeping your mind un-boggled!  Let us know what your ideas are and we will do the research for you.  We check out items that are possibly a good fit and send you an email with all the different images.  You are then able to look at what you may want.  We even go as far as get you a sample if you want to touch and feel the product before you place an order. Don’t even stress for a second about quality, because we have your back on that one too. We have experience with all kinds of the silliest to the most professional products that can give you the exact branding image you desire. If you want a yo-yo or squishy slime, or bubbles, we can hook you up. Let’s have a good time with promotional products to create something new and fresh for your company.

If you are needing help with a logo we can work with you on that.  Set-ups for your logo can cost as little as $25, depending on the amount of detail you wish to have.Tell us a little bit about your company and what your style is and we will make that happen.  After you give us your logo for your company, we will email a proof before we ever apply it to the garment.  That includes screen printing, promotional products, and any kind of print.  If that is not ensuring enough, we can even mail you an embroidery sample that you can touch and feel right in front of you. We want you to feel comfortable with the process. If you need a color match we can do that as well…just let us know!

 Our company prides itself in customer satisfaction, and we are willing to work with you for your heartfelt desires. Reach out to us via phone, email, or text. We are one simple phone call away from you creating the brand of a lifetime!