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Mikesell Monograms is Proud to say “We Are Giving Back!”
We currently give to Safari Mission & Compassion International.


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Safari Mission FAQ’s

Safari Mission was founded in 2011 in Broken Arrow Oklahoma. According to their Custom Embroidery Greenville page on Enhancing Trust in Ministries they are “all about training leaders and transforming people in East Africa.” Also according to their website Christianity is a mile wide, but an inch deep. In other words, there are many people who like to give aid, but do not leave a lasting impact. Safari Mission seeks to create sustainable and long term growth by both providing educational tools and transforming leaders to maintain the progress that is made. “Change comes from within” is a core principle of Safari Mission. The solution is to empower the people to fix their problems.

The impact Safari Mission seeks to make is lasting and long term, not just giving a handout and leaving. They seek to avoid creating a cycle of dependency that is all too common in areas that receive large amounts of foreign aid. At Safari Mission almost all the work is done exclusively by Kenyans. Finance officers, school administrators and managers are all African. Safari Mission seeks to empower the locals, by providing support, but allowing them to help their own communities.

They also help children by giving a direction for parents to provide a stable structure for their children. The children are then able to go to school, have access to better clothes and nutrition. The goal is to “Give them a hand up, instead of a hand out.”

Safari Mission’s entire focus is to provide a foundation through the Bible and the power of Christ. They achieve this with the implementation of Bible schools across Kenya. The students come from a wide variety of backgrounds, including, but not limited to businessmen, pastors, teachers, doctors and government officials. They also host a yearly conference, a ministry retreat and operate a Christian book distribution center. In addition Safari Mission is implementing church coaching for pastors. Education through the power of Christ and the Bible is the most sustainable way to help those most in need, Safari Mission seeks to accomplish that goal with these programs and the help of fellow Christians.

Mikesell Monograms Custom Embroidery Greenville is proud to support such an impactful organization and is hoping to bring more awareness to such a worthwhile cause. We recommend visiting their website at https://safarimission.org/ to see what you can do to help. This includes financial Custom Embroidery Greenville contributions that support ongoing training and education initiatives, time and effort to help organize, and of course lot’s of prayer!

Compassion International Logo

Compassion International FAQ’s

Compassion International is a non profit organization: they passionately advocate for children by releasing them from poverty stricken situations, they also are committed to Jesus Christ in all they do.

Compassion International is focused on helping the people who are in very needy circumstances. Children coming from dire situations is their primary focus and they have a strong commitment to releasing them from these situations through the power of Christ!

Who is part of Compassion International – Compassion International has a church-driven focus. Anybody who has a Christ-centered focus and shares a passion for helping others, can be a part of the Custom Embroidery Greenville work Compassion International is doing.

They help babies, mothers, disaster relief projects and have a general fund to help children who are not sponsored. They also provide sanitary water to areas that previously did not have that luxury. They also work with youth from the ages of 12 and up with training and educational paths to become productive and functional members of society!

Compassion International was founded in 1952 by Reverend Everett Swanson. His primary mission was to minister to the American troops fighting in the Korean War While he was there, he saw orphans in the streets and felt compelled to offer them aid.

There are many ways to give back to Compassion International. Of course financial help is great, but nothing can replace the gift of time. This time can be invested in volunteering at Christian concerts, festivals, or even at Compassion International’s headquarters.

Compassion International provides year round support to poverty stricken areas. Not only do they provide relief for current problems, such as helping mothers and babies, disaster relief projects, they also have a general fund to help children who are not currently sponsored. In addition, they provide sanitary water to areas that previously did not have them. They also provide youth from the ages 12 and up with training and educational paths to become productive and functional members of society! Lastly, they also choose to focus on providing support for long term solutions as well. This is most evident through the aforementioned educational programs that provide an invaluable support system to children who desperately need consistency, structure and stability.

Compassion International believes that providing these opportunities for the youth will allow them to contribute back to society in a more positive way, this creates a win-win opportunity for everybody involved and truly leads to a Christ-centered life and better communities.

To get involved in the Custom Embroidery Greenville progress that Compassion International is making, you can give time in the form of volunteering, you can give financially by sponsoring a child, but truly the best way to help is through the power of prayer!

The spiritual dimension to our ministry is crucial to what we do. Compassion International believes that just meeting physical needs such as hunger is not enough. So in addition to ensuring children never go to bed hungry, they instill a Christ filled life. Help Compassion International achieve this goal by becoming a prayer partner.

At this time Mikesell Monograms is helping 2 girls with a monthly Custom Embroidery Greenville donation for food, clothing and education.