Custom Embroidery Greenville especially as we come to the end of the year many people are going to be looking for planners. This is an excellent end-of-the-year or Christmas gift for the people that work for you and that are helping you in your business. We have our piety ranging from very expensive to relatively inexpensive. Let’s talk about our most expensive one, that is our consultant leather pad folio. What is a pad folio you may ask I’ll tell you it is a pad that has a folio on it and that is whenever you look at this you can look at this online and you can learn all types of things about it.

We offered this in black and you can get in for very reasonably priced whenever you buy these in bulk by 50 we are going to get that price down to you for under $100 per gift. Custom Embroidery Greenville and the gifts to the products that we have go on and on and we are very happy with those products that we have. We have everything ranging from multiple types of things as far as the meat also have our suede journal that suede journal is going to stand out to everyone. It is going to be absolutely beautiful and you can get these as many as you by 250 of these you get the dirt dollars. That absolutely perfect price.

We have multiple things. We have a penny for your thoughts? I mean how wonderful would it be just at 80 pages wrapped inside that tough and yet very sturdy and yet still comfortable to carry around ultra suede cover. We can also integrate this cover and we can put all types of things on this that will make your brand stand out to you and to others you’ll be very proud about this. Happy of the half notes and great appointments taking steering your appointments this is going to be absolutely ideal for you are going to love everything about this.

In addition we have another product that we believe that you will love and this is our velvet gel large pad folio it is absolutely incredible. Custom Embroidery Greenville we made this with our own signature velvet gel material. We believe that it is better than leather actually. Yes that’s what I said better than leather. And it has a space for you to put your legal pack, you are pens, business cards, and pin loop. Absolutely perfect how could you want any more from something like this.

Our website is and our phone number is 973-548-6572. We look so forward to hearing from you so that we can help your company exactly what you that is very happy felt very confident all the. So just give us a call and look forward so that we can help you possible.

If You Are Looking For The Custom Embroidery Greenville?

Custom Embroidery Greenville we love magnets. We love them so much and one of our very favorite is right there on our first one. It is called the White Pond magnets and it is to. Those two White Pond magnets are so fun and people absolutely love them. You can turn your magnetic glass board into an absolutely brainstorming all mind-blowing machine you can have these and they’re going to be shaped like coupons on a chess match. You like to play chess? If you like to play chess or you know a client, an employee or a friend that enjoys chess this is the absolute perfect gift for them.

Another thing that we have is our adhesive with 50 sheets of paper. This is a magnet that you can use and it is very flexible and you can put your contacts for your customers’ information and take notes on air. If you don’t want to do that you can hang those on the refrigerator with the filing cabinets. You can have those magnets these are customizable for your business messages stock images and patterns. These are also good to be available for your use. When I have aligning pills on those and they can allow you to attach all types of things papers and business cards the list goes on and on. Custom Embroidery Greenville you can I those in a quantity of 200 for less than one dollar.

We love having people share their magnets another magnet that people really enjoy is the chitchat. The chitchat creates records. That you can put your contacts for customers and they’ll be sure that they can put those on their refrigerators, their cabinets, anything that is metal that a magnet will stick to they can put those on that. This is going to make them customizable for your business messages stock images and patterns are also available for your use. And we have many sizes in this you can use these are outside on a refrigerator outdoors or if you have a cooler that has metal on it you can use it on that for your camping gear.

We absolutely love that at multiple magnet sizes and you can use those with a different thickness for all of them depending on what your needs are. And the strips are air temp and heat and they are sensitive and stressed stats are all available for additional fee. Custom Embroidery Greenville we want to help you get all of these things for your client so that your name and your information is everywhere so that people can see that and we look so forward to you having that so that you can share this information with your clients.

Our phone number is 973-548-6572 and our website is Just give us a call and we will pick up our phone and we will answer all the questions that we possibly can. You can also find us on our website or go to our contact us and we will reach out to you and help you in that format.