At Mikesell embroidery greenville we have been bringing ideas to life since 1993. It is our goal to take care of all of my clients like family and go the extra mile. We pride ourselves in customer satisfaction and climbing the mountain for you. We offer discounts on large quantities making it easy on you and your pocket when you need a large quantity of items. We offer a range of services from embroidery, sunscreen, promotional products, company, logos, custom designs and more. Let us bring your vision alive today.

What are some frequently asked questions for embroidery greenville? Frequently asked questions, is our promotional product really worth it? Yes I believe that promotional products are a cost effective form of marketing. They can easily boost your business in many ways by increasing brand, recognition, loyalty, and more. Does Mike sell monograms to sell products? No, we also offer promotional and marketing, expertise decorating services, we do printing and promotional advising, as well as just reading. What are my decorating options? Embroidery or silk screening. How do I place an order? You’re always welcome to order online. Where you can place an order by calling or emailing.

What are some other frequently asked questions about embroidery greenville? What if I don’t see a product I’m looking for? Email us or call us and will be happy to find it for you. But if I’m not sure what kind of product I’m looking for? Always here to help, we have a marketing expert and a promotion product expert to help you. We do have some items. I have a minimum order quantity. What is a set of charges and why do I have to pay it? Why do I pay more for my logo or artwork to be in full color? What is a vector file? This is known as an EPS file provided as the Christmas clean graphics for your promotional products. How long in advance should I place my order? What is my production time? Is it possible to have an order shipped in multiple locations? When will I receive my invoice?

It is our golden mission to take care of you like family. We climb mountains for you, if you need a rush order, we can make it happen, but I have a good standard. All I want is to order at least 30 days before you need your items. We are also on Facebook and Instagram, or you can always check out her website, but I’m waiting for a reply about us. We can customize and embroider just about anything so if you don’t see something, let us know and we can make it happen for you. We know how important it is for your business or to have a once in a lifetime event and we are here to make those, some things that you don’t have to worry about. We can’t wait to bring your vision to life. We are going mountains for you and we take pride in our customer satisfaction.

Visit us At or call us at 9375486572 for any questions. Concerns advisor recommendations. We have professionals on standby waiting and eager to work for you!

Embroidery Greenville | Custom Designs

Mikesell monograms and embroidery Greenville has been in business since 1993 offering a range of services from embroidery, screen, printing, promotional products, custom designs, and corporate logos plus more. We take our pride in customer satisfaction and taking care of you as what we do best. As we like to say, we will climb mountains for you. Allow us to take care of you like family today. We offer discounts on large quantities, and marketing experts are eager and ready to work with you.

Why would you recommend promo embroidery greenville? I would recommend promotional products, because they have been considered by many people and experts to be one of the most cost-effective forms of marketing and advertising. Anytime you have someone wearing a shirt or a hat with your business on it, that’s free advertising right there. Promotional products have a low average cost per impression and that’s what makes them one of the most recent expensive advertising and marketing materials around.

What are some benefits of embroidery greenville? I believe some benefits of using promotional products include increased brain recognition. They really help make you stand out amongst other competitors and help make sure that potential customers know your name and Company in message through what we call brand recognition. By handing out free or low cost shirts, hats or more. You can guarantee that you’ll have free marketing while walking around for you every day. It can help with customer loyalty and retention. It gets your brand in front of people and keeps it there. People who are wearing products with your logo on it or seeing your brand all the time. 85% of consumers will do business after receiving a promotional product. Sounds like a no brainer to me!

It helps with more leads, creating more employee engagement. If you give your promo products to your employees, they then turn into an ambassador, sending a message out every day into the world. If you want decorating options, we offer embroidery and silk screening. These are two of the methods that we specialize in. Embroidery is a more classic traditional way but screen, printing, or silk screening is where your logo is transferred to a product with a sense of screen. This is great for full color artwork.

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