Promotional Products Greenville have been trusted by Mikesell Monograms for nearly 30 years, during that time we have done nothing but provide the best absolute service to all the customers in the Greenville area. Ohio is our home and as we know all Ohioans have a sense of pride, show that Pride by getting some of the best customer embroidered work done possible. Everything from custom shirts, hats, pants, even items for your dogs. We do it all and we do it all with the utmost care and respect for you and your order.

You can’t rely on just anyone to do your custom work anymore nowadays you have people who have been staring to screen printing left and right. While the screen printing scene can look cool, it does not last very long and will come off in just a few washes and run through laundry. Promotional Products Greenville it’s for long lasting memory and long lasting products. With long-lasting embroidery work you’ll be able to have the same amount of things and your closet as he did 10 years ago. Embroider work is also less likely to be given away and kept for longer periods of time, giving you more bang for your buck. Take pride in your community and get some of the best work possible done with Mikesell Monograms.

Can’t rely on just anyone to do Promotional Products Greenville you have to go with the people who have been trusted for nearly 30 years. We have done everything that you can think of including different designs, promotional events, anything you can think we’ve done. Whether you are trying to promote your own events, remember times long past, or even trying to get something nice for your little furry friend, our team will be able to help you get exactly what you want at exactly the price you’re willing to pay. There’s no need to get a national brand that is possibly going to mess up your order and then take months to get it repaired. We have done different types of pieces, so nothing is out of the realm of possibility.

Getting a customer item you worked on is something that is going to last a real lifetime. Whenever you get a custom order that will work, you’re always going to love the results that are going to be finished. You can get anything done from the names remembered to a design logo for your favorite spot. Our trusted team has so much experience doing different types of jobs and creating different grains of reality. Whether it’s simple border work or an intricate design, our team will be able to help you create the exact design that you want.

You don’t have to take our word for it. You can always go online and see some of our awesome products at Or you can give us a call anytime at (937) 548-6572, speak with our knowledgeable and experienced staff. There’s no need to wake you to custom items that you want done today.

Promotional Products Greenville | Celebrate And Remember Your Event

Promotional Products Greenville it seems like a nightmare to go for. Luckily we have been serving the Greenville area for nearly 30 years, and during that time we have learned our community and the people wanted. We know what it’s like to be in Ohio. We are born and raised here and have nothing but Pride for it. We know you do the same and that’s why you should get the most top quality work done to celebrate and remember the times of your life. There’s nothing wrong with supporting local and that is exactly what we are. local.

We know that what you really want is something that’s going to last a lifetime so that way you can remember the significant things that have happened during that time. With our Promotional Products Greenville, we’re able to guarantee that you not only make these memories but remember them for a lifetime. Whether it’s just the companies that you and your family have helped develop and thrive, or a special event that you want to commemorate for a lifetime. We are the place to go too. We at Mikesell Monograms know how important it is to remember the times, and make the best out of them.

Having just anyone do your Promotional Products Greenville can be a horrific experience. How are you supposed to remember your special for your creature if somebody makes him look like a little gremlin? We’ve all seen it before and Snicker behind someone’s back, it’s not nice to do but man it is hard not to. We know how important these can be and as such we take every single order with the most career respect. We go exactly what you want and we do our best to obtain every idea you have and make it a reality. You can’t just trust anyone with these Special times.

We do our best to make sure everything that you want is completely up to standard. We are completely transparent and with our near 30 years of experience in the Greenville area, we know what it’s like to be Ohio Tough. Going through just anyone for any custom work is a real crap shoot go with the people that you trust and know best. These are the times that you want to remember the most and as such you deserve the best. Our team of experienced professionals will do nothing but make sure you and your products are treated with class and dignity. No matter how small the job or how big we will make sure your needs are met to their entirety.

You don’t have to take our word for it though you can check out some of our five star Google reviews, or see some of our work on our website You can also call us anytime at (937) 548-6572, we’re one of our experienced and embroiderers are able to help you get your order started. There’s no need to wait call now and get your custom piece done.