Here at Mikesell Monograms we have many different apparel options for you. We had T-shirts long sleeve and polos as well as many others. One of our most popular types of apparel is our crewnecks. We can fill any of your Promotional Products Greenville needs.

One of the most popular next is our adult color blast crewneck sweatshirt. This clinic is to come in a multitude of colors. It’s almost like a tie-dye colors can have that color with a little bit of white and it. We have several color options is amethyst which is a type of purple color. We also have an ocean color is gray as well as a clay colorist to be more of a pinkish color. We have a yellow color as well as a fern green color is an excellent color. We also have a small color which is gray. All of these colors are excellent option. The switch was going to be side seemed with it will label. The caller is a double needle one by one red color. It has a quilt taped backpack as well as the double needle neck, shoulder,, cuffs and waistband. This is going to give a long-lasting durability. It has a rolled forward shoulder and a pack patch.

These are all comfort colors and they all use 50% less water than by processes. Since these less water to buy these we are able to support education, the environment as well as supporting humanitarian aid. All of these critics are going to be 9 1/2 ounces and give you a nice and durable material. The materials of the screw to 80% ring spun cotton. All the Scott that his ring spun for this is made in United States of America. The other 20% of this material is going to be polyester gives us a nice comfortable plinth. All the time that is made in the US as part of a sustainable and fairly grown United States cotton. Even the parts that are sown are made with United States cotton. Jet was for your Promotional Products Greenville.

Goodies have been one of the most popular things everywhere but we believe that the crewneck is still here and ready to stay. Excellent piece of material and promise last you for years to come. When make sure that each piece you get is highly sought after and is not going to wear out easily. We are going to give you the best price we can we do not believe in charging any extra what we need to. When actually are able to come back again and again to buy from us because we give you high quality products. We promise to help you choose wisely and to pick the best fit for you.

We are committed to serving you having the best customer service of anyone around. Always good put the customer first to make sure that you are satisfied with the product. If you’re not satisfied for any reason always reach out to us are sure to help you find the right product that serve your needs. We want to be your Promotional Products Greenville destination. Go to her website at or 937-548-6572 so you can see all of the great products that we sell as well as each and every one of our great customer reviews.

Promotional Products Greenville

We so many different types apparel at Mikesell Monograms. We sell all types of things from work equipment protective gear from shirts to hats polos and hoodies. One of our most popular polos is going to be our adult 50-50 Jersey Polo. We can put any of your customizable logos or slogans on it. We want to be place you go to for all of your Promotional Products Greenville.

This 50-50 bill by gilded fracturing process with our Promotional Products Greenville. Their manufacturing process utilizes 45% energy. That is going to be involved in when you buy this product supporting a business that is committed to using renewable resources and protecting the environment. This Polo is part of the community investment program for sports education as well as supporting the environment and military and eight. Also supporting active living in the communities we do business in. This Polo is lightweight just 6 ounces as is made with 50% United States of America cotton as well as 50% polyester. Yellow is made with a try blend fabric fabric is going away moisture shirt like golf or good any time outside. The city percent cotton is made from fairly grown United States is sustainable cut.

Part of this Polo are the world color and Promotional Products Greenville. The but on this polo are classy and stylish. Says double needle stitched bottom. The long-lasting and high quality. On this shirt is if we get has a heat transfer label. This is excellent for whatever type of the pad. There are many colors somehow read like your style whatever goes best to begin to we have the color. You have an excellent pink color as well as a great and a light blue. If you are a fan of the North Carolina painters and a light blue we have the perfect light blue for use in support your favorite team. We also have a lime green as well as a forest green you like something darker and a little earlier than the lime green.

We have Sony difficulties choose from this polo is a red as well as a silicone which is a bright pink color. We also have a maroon as well as a purple shirt. I’ve always loved because I thought that has purple as their main color so I was represent the purple. We also have a Kelly green which the New York Jets use so if your New York Jets fan you can always get that Kelly green. There many dark colors we have a guitar together as well as a graphite Heather if you want a little bit lighter gray we still have many more color options so many options all the way from a gold color to a sapphire color whatever color you want we guarantee that we have the perfect color you.

We promise we can’t be the best . Glad and go to our website at or 937-548-6572 all the more apparel needs. Get to you with the best customer service any company around. We long to have you on our customers.