Here at Mikesell Monograms we would love to be your Promotional Products Greenville company of choice. Most other thinks is our laser engraving. We can engrave whatever you want. We engraved many different types of trophies and plaques for various reasons. If everything is our rosewood mantel clock with a chrome accident that we can engrave whatever thing you would like on it.

Our rosewood piano finished mantel clock will expand on your mental work on your desk. Has plated posts as well as silver aluminum actions. Is a very sleek and elegant look. This is an excellent thing to give four years of service awards or as a retirement gift if one of your great employees is retiring. We can put your brand logo as well as a person’s name and if you would like. You have this gift to someone as a gift as a gift and it includes batteries as well. Scott is going to be supplied with guaranteed lifetime court movements. So you know that you are getting a quality product. This is an excellent gift anybody would love.

The most popular words are flame series acrylic. This comes with a blue accident is beveled on the site. Slow expects it looks like a nice diamond or crystal has been carved out and engraved on. This is ideal recognition word. You can knowledge any of your team numbers with this weather before their great safety for service done for the company. He confuses for sales awards and somebody meets a sales goal they will give them this lovely work. Everyone engraved on it we can get your company look as the employee’s name how many years of service we can customize this just you. The sword is produced from high quality relic that is 1 inch thick. Is gonna stand safely on any desk or shelf.

So whenever your laser engraving needs we would love to be able to help you multiple different sizes of each and every single one of our awards for the new smaller one or a larger one we give you something that works for you. We love to be able to create and help you recognize your employees. Recognize your voice is on the best way to increase your business morale and increase how hard your customers work to reach out to us for all of your Promotional Products Greenville needs what you can increase your business morale.

If you like to see all of our awards and laser engraved items you go to or 937-548-6572 and check out all of the Promotional Products Greenville. We proceeded to high-scoring products with the best customer service possible. You check our visa see why so many people choose us. We long to be your number one choice for any of your promotional product needs. Been around for over 30 years we can take care of whatever problem you have. We cannot wait to meet you make a new relationship and be illusory you like family all the while giving great service.

Promotional Products Greenville

Here at Mikesell Monograms love you and make you a custom plaque. Most are high gloss rosewood stained black. This would be an excellent plaque to give to any of your staff is the job over the years. Will that be from getting the most sales of the quarter to excellent retirement gift would look to be to give you a plaque that you give to your employees and show them how much you appreciate them. We can help you with your Promotional Products Greenville inquiries.

This particular has excellent beautiful rosewood and is ideal for recognition of having a terrible donation you can hang it on the wall for the Ruth gives over a certain amount or you can get them for any type of significant achievement that they might have done. Any specifications that you desire. We can put your company logo on there whatever artwork you come up with or some personalized information that you see fit. As multiple rosewood stained cells can have a black and gold plate on it to come in several different sizes. Our most popular size is art 8″ x 10.5″ black. One example is Memorial Hospital of Tampa resented a plaque to Benjamin Stewart because of his recognition and appreciation for his dedication and valued contributions to the medical staff.

If somebody types of plaques to choose from we are sure that you can find one that you will like. One of our most ones is our walnuts black with sunburst design. We have this in a few different versions. One is a formal rectangle up and down important style and we have one as the beveled edges that is a little different design. We also have a solid walnut frame plaque with a gold rim little bit nicer little bit more chic. One of the best plaques we have is our domed acrylic plaque it has a brass base. The back is crystal so you can see through it with a brass base look nice really stands out. Any employee would be happy to have such a plaque. We also have different trophies we can do do a 9 inch cast metal classic achiever figure.

When you think 9 inch cast metal classic achiever figure on rosewood stained base your customer or your employee is going to love this. It is on a solid walnut or a piano in it base and each year is made out of cast metal. The laser incredible brass plate and put whatever you want on it. Whatever they did to achieve greatness you can recognize them for this they would love having this in their home or office to show people how hard they work. We can’t wait to do all of your Promotional Products Greenville.

Whatever it is we are going to love to handle all of your Promotional Products Greenville needs. If you like to see all metals and plaques we have going go to our website at or 937-548-6572 so that you can check out everything and find exactly what you are looking for.