Here at Mikesell Monogram’s we are always trying to get things done as fast as possible. Make sure that you can get your creations done quickly and into dance soon as you need it. We never chip to wait or go beyond what we promise to you. Always going to be right on time to get you the best Promotional Products Greenville.

If you’d like just a normal ordering time a good standard to follow is ordering one month before you need the product. And there are times you can get behind a no sir times of things come up you need something in a rush we would be happy to help you. Sometimes if you have terrestrial able to go above and beyond Inc. it’s you that order in a sooner time than the 30 days that it probably takes. As soon as your order has shipped that is when you will send out the invoice in you will get that invoice. Their multiple ways you can pay the invoice

Like pay your invoice can pay it by check or credit card. The problem is if you order by credit card he will be getting a 3% added price when you use a credit card that they charge us so that we pass that on to you to make sure that is in your price and keep our same profits. It is possible to have your item shipped to multiple different locations. For additional cost we can ship your items to have many locations you desire. We also have drop shipping services that we can offer to you whenever you place your order. We can create all of the Promotional Products Greenville that you need.

When you submit a design that you have a real logo were to use a vector file. We ask some ineffective file because that is the highest quality file to use when putting a design in a file. It is also known as an EPS file and is looking to produce the most crisp and clean graphics available. Other files will give us quality that is low-quality can result in some granulated images that are not to be looking clear and crisp we to give you the top-quality product excellent so when you do you create a logo make sure it is in a vector file when you send it to us. We cannot wait to work with you our customers are always satisfied with our work. Check out my reviews to look at all the Google reviews and testimonials that we have so you can see why we have been able to stay in business for decades. Because we always the first give them exactly what they want.

If you like to take as I go ahead and go to or 937-548-6572 to see how many different items we have. We have thousands of different items to choose from and we are sure that we will be up to promote your business your team whatever it is really to give them that great promotion that they are looking for. People love all of the different Promotional Products Greenville that you can come up with. |

Promotional Products Greenville

We have been a company embroidering item since 1993. We believe we are at the top Promotional Products Greenville. We give you the best customer service that we can we have for 30 years. We cannot leave you been in business for 30 years and show you why customers have left us for three decades. To make sure that you are able to advertise your business get that promotional product out in the world so that businesses and customers can see cool design you have increase your advertising.

It is the cheapest way to advertise your company by making some excellent promotional products are the shirts, scarves, pens, whatever it is we can make an excellent rational product for you. We can put your logo embroidered on any item that you want. There’s tons of items of catalog we can work for you or reconsider screen your company logo on a T-shirt. It’s also wise to use promotional items as incentive to promote referrals in a way that is noticeable that you repeat business. If you have customers who say oh soon as somebody will give you a free T-shirt whatever it is is an excellent way to increase your customer loyalty and create a better company.

There are years we have had so many different custom orders that we would be happy to do anything for you. Whatever it is we can come up with an item that you would love want to have represent your company. Arm most important quality is being a trust for the company were always initial integrity we are always going to do what is right. If we ever do make mistake will be sure to fix that and own up to whatever mistake was made. If you want to leave you with a habitation method and you’re done working with us. We will jump through hoops to get you but you want. There’s something on a website you’re a little bit different go ahead and skull will be happy to brainstorm with you to come up with whatever type of product you need.

Start of our year is the only way that we could advertise for ourselves was by word of mouth and we always continue to put the customer first so that we can have repeat customers for all of these years. So Mark and coming back for over a decade and never had anything they didn’t like. We only put the top-quality products in our stores. Whether you need something just for yourself waiting something for an entire company we can help you out. We love to help you design a shirt for yourself if you want to go just for something by yourself or piece of a four-year-old school district whatever it is happy to help you out. We will help you with any Promotional Products Greenville.

Going to the website at or 937-548-6572 to get the all of the great products and designs that we have. We promise we have the best Promotional Products Greenville items around.