Here at Mikesell monograms we are here to serve the customer. We believe that is the most important thing that we can do is to serve our customers and give them exactly what they need. We have so many options thousands of after the thinks she’s from on our website from clothing to any type of promo materials well as trophies and awards. We want to be your go to for any Promotional Products Greenville.

Even if there are things on upset that you are not finding that you would like we would be able to source that for you. We want to do anything to give you the best experience and provide you with any product you can. We are not set on doing one thing our job is to serve the customer so anything the customer needs we will help get that ready to be able to get it for you. If you’re looking for something specific in you don’t see something on a website that fits your needs and you can’t think of summer to source something to do we are happy to help brainstorm with you and come up with any type of promo material that you can think of.

Whatever you dream of whatever type ideas you have we would like to help facilitate that idea and get it out into the real world. We know that your job is not to design things but to sell things and create a business so we will help you be the design mind that you need. If you need a new logo we can help you design that logo for as little as $25 depending on the style and quality of logo. If you want to have your logo in full color will be a little up and up charge depending on the colors and how many colors are in your logo. To be able to print your logo off or to put it on our brain machine we will need a vector file.

So we need your logo or you resign out if you want to say to be in a vector file sometimes is called in EPS file this is a digitized file that allows us to produce crisp graphics on your promotional product. Vector files are commonly used so that you can transfer them into a computer in computer can read them and reproduce that image the high-quality state. If you use any type of other file they’re not as high quality and they will be grainy and pixelated they will not be clear and crisp just like we want. We only want to give you the best quality products that we can. We can provide all of your Promotional Products Greenville.

Do you like to order similar products or see what products we have available you can go to or 937-548-6572. We love to be see all the great things that offer as well as excellent reviews our customers have been happy to work with us for decades we guarantee that you will be another satisfied customer when you come and work with us. There is no real that you would rather go than here for your Promotional Products Greenville.

Promotional Products Greenville

If you’re looking for any Promotional Products Greenville we guarantee that we could be the hardest working company that you can do business with. Make sure that each and every single employee is always up to the task to get the job done. We don’t just come in to get a paycheck go home to come in to do an excellent job provide whatever our customer needs will not leave until the job is completed in a high quality manner.

We make sure that everything is timely and efficient. Make sure you do not waste any materials with any of your money to mature we all of high-quality personal products that you can think of. We’ll go over and beyond whatever you can dream of get share promotional products to you on time. Each person that comes to us we make sure they are never late when he was late to their interview we automatically do not hire them and to make sure that we are always on time and most effective with your time as well as ours.

To hide most honest in most employees have integrity. Whenever going to lie were never going to cheat you are always very upfront with you whatever is happening. It was to give you an honest assessment of exactly what we can’t cannot do. There’s something you think we connected we would go above and beyond to get that thing done make sure that you are happy with our products. Our quality control is outstanding. We are always going to double check the amount of items in order to make sure that we had the exact amount that you want and need. We can’t wait to supply you with some awesome Promotional Products Greenville.

Whenever going to slack off and do something right. We would never give you a product that we would not be happy to promote our own business with. Anything that you want to get it done and we always believe and having open communication. What you know exactly where your product is in the stage of creation. You know exactly how were doing were doing at that time we are always going to response you promptly so that you feel comfortable working with us feel like you know exactly what is going on.

If you like to know more about our company or to view all of the things we’ve Artie created to or 937-548-6572 and see all of the great Promotional Products Greenville that we have created in the past as well as her great customer views of that of loved working with us. We guarantee that we are the hardest working promotional supply shop in the business. We have been around for 30 years we believe that will be around for 30 more because our great employees and all of the hard-working effort they put in. We always treat our customers like family and we guarantee that you will feel loved when you come and work with us.