Here at Mikesell Monograms we have so many different ways you can show appreciation for your employees. Is very important to recognize all the hard work that your employees do. We have a plethora of different trophies and plaques items that will help your employees feel wanted. Come to Mikesell Monograms for any of your Promotional Products Greenville desires.

One of top things that we sell is our 8 1/2 inch silver plated stainless steel wine. Excellent classic looking trophy. As the achiever series in his silver plated is an excellent gift or or. The support is stainless steel is not going to rush or decay. His last years to come so that people can share this with their children and grandchildren. Examples of what you can give this to work for. Our last did was winner of a golf classic. Whether evening somebody for sporting event or to charity event where you give it one of the employees for showing safety in place this would be the perfect item to give them.

We believe is so important to recognize employees sure they are treated fairly and with Dick. One of the space to increase the workplace is to all the employees that they serve. We know most of our employees are working hard each and every day for us and sometimes it is better to give them something extra besides just the project they always get. Support for a people to see what others are doing and forecast you recognize. So I will continue to keep doing the work everything your employees with love for this to happen it will also encourage other employees who have not got work to try harder to make sure that they are seen as well.

Another thing that is excellent is our black leatherette frame certificate holder. This one is can it be 10 and three-quarter inches by 13 inches. We have multiple colors that you can buy this frame in. You can buy in black, red, blue, or green. My personal favorite is the blue certificate holder. Many people put these up on the wall after the graduate college they put their diploma in it so that they can show with off. It’s very common for people who have to their masters or doctorate especially in doctors offices or therapist houses. This would next any office and begin to show all the hard work make sure people know that you are certified.ƒ has the look of leather and is not stamped with a gold border. It has a foldout easel back if you like to set it on your desk and hang it. If you would like has two full-time lawyers for vertical or horizontal mounting. This is excellent way to get your Promotional Products Greenville.

Peer at Mikesell Monograms we would love you to check out her website at or 937-548-6572 so that we can fulfill all of your Promotional Products Greenville. We can’t wait for you to work with us and so that we can make new friends and satisfy all of your promotional needs.

Promotional Products Greenville

Here at Mikesell Monograms we promise to always put you first. The only that we say business if our customers happy and satisfied. Most of our business is repeat business that we get from customers who have already visited with us. We want to serve you and give you exactly what you are looking for. WE want to be the Promotional Products Greenville company that you were always to work with.

No matter if you’re looking for some embroidery or screen printing we want to give you all of the promotional products that you are looking for. We have been a creative marketing consultant for decades. If you’re not sure how you want to design your products or what will you or you don’t have a look we can help you design that logo and make sure that it is something that you want. We are always looking to help you get something different and unique to make your company stand out. Using wrongful products is considered by many experts to be the most cost effective form of advertising. Run an ad. Here one time they might kitchen might not but if you have a T-shirt discuss you any money to wear it around and become fully promoting your business.

We do measure with you where your promotional product that it is one of high quality material in is going to stand out and be something people remember. We would be the go to place for Promotional Products Greenville make sure that each one of your products makes an impression is able to get some more advertising for your business.

There are many things we do have shipped products over the United States and even to other countries countries as far as Germany. How much people love us they will say anything to get our product. People say we go very far to get your business and to go the extra mile to give you exactly what you need. There a lot of different brands that we can get for you sure that we can get one that you love. So those rubber bands we get are under Armour, Nike, new Era, and North face. Wonder what type of style you want we always want to have the most up-to-date and lovely styles that everybody wants. Whatever it is we can help you with any Promotional Products Greenville.

Little something that we order is at, assets and which has. Any type of fat even such as one as beanie or caption attacks we would be happy to embroider for you. You like to see all of the different options that we have you can check out our website at or 937-548-6572. While you’re there to get some sleep excellent customer service and why we always put Marcus first. We got cannot wait to meet you so we can give you the best service around treat you like one of her own family members. We promise that you will be satisfied with our products they will be high quality and ready for you to go on time.