Are promotional products really worth it?

Yes, absolutely! Aside from being the most cost-effectiveform of marketing, promotional products can boost your business in many ways. They increase brand recognition, customer loyalty and can help generate leads and retain customers. Learn more about the benefits of using promo products on our Education page.


Does Mikesell Monograms only sell products?

Nope, that’s not all – our services include promotional and marketing expertise, printing and decorating services, and promotional product advising and distributing.


What are my decorating options?

At Mikesell Monograms, we offer embroidery and silk screening services. Embroidery uses a machine to sew your logo or design onto fabric. Screen printing is a process in which your logo or design is transferred to a screen and ink is squeezed through to print the image.


How do I place an order?

You can order online at http://promoplace.com/mikesellmonograms or you can place an order by calling 937-548-6572 or emailing sales@mikesellmonograms.com.


What if I don’t see a product I’m looking for on your website?

Reach out to us at 937-548-6572 or sales@mikesellmonograms.com and we’llbe happy to help source the right product for you!


What if I’m not sure what kind of product I’m looking for?

As promo product experts, we’re always here to help! If browsing our products doesn’t give you the ideas you’re looking for, reach out to us at 937-548-6572 or sales@mikesellmonograms.com and we’llbe happy to help brainstorm, search and find the right products for your business.


What is MOQ? And what if I need less than MOQ?

MOQ refers to minimum order quantity – the lowest number of pieces you can order for a certain product. On many items you will need to order a minimum quantity. On some products, you can opt to order below MOQ and pay slightly more per piece.


What is a setup charge, and why do I need to pay it?

When a logo or artwork is submitted for printing, there’s prep work involved on the decorator’s end. This skilled professionalsets up the image and manages the printing equipment. A setup charge covers this essentialstep in the process.


Why do I pay more for my logo or artwork to be in full color?

Certain printing processes, like silk screening, print only one color at a time. For a multi-colored design, this means more than one trip through the machine – but totally worth it for vibrantly decorated items!


What is a vector file?

To decorate your products, we’ll request your logo or design in the form of a vector file, also known as an EPS file. This is a specially digitized file that allows us to produce crisp, clean graphics on your promo products. Other lower-quality file types would result in a grainy, pixelated image on your items. We recommend working with a designer to create your vector files.


How long in advance should I place my order?

The sooner, the better! A good standard to follow is ordering 30 days before you need your products. And don’t worry – we understand rush orders happen and we can still help if you need logoed products in a pinch.


What is my production time?

This is the span of time from when you approve your virtual proof to when your products are shipped. Length of production time varies by product, but usually takes a few days.


Is it possible to have an order shipped to multiple locations?

Yep, no problem! For additional shipping costs we can ship your items to multiple locations. Ask about our drop shipping services when placing your order.


When will I receive my invoice?

We’ll send out your invoice as soon as your order has shipped.


What’s the best way to pay my invoice?

We accept payment by check and credit card. Please note that 3% will be added to invoices when paying by credit card.